If this is the first time you’ve heard of us, thank you so much for visiting! I’m sure you’re curious about our little business, so let me explain the basics…

Kirsty bag, Emma Cornes, leather stamp


Put simply, we make inspired British bags. I take a landscape or a place that means a lot to me, and choose a cloth based on the colours and patterns.

This summer I’ve started designing my own cloths. The very first was the Llanddwyn tweed: the bright blue cloth you can spot in the campaign. I’m afraid I’ve sold out of those bags, but I’ve got some more designs available soon.

Llanddwyn island tweed from Emma Cornes


Right now we have four different bag designs in five different fabrics, and some brand new cloths ready to pre-order. They’re all made here in Britain:

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Emma Cornes tweed sneak preview

We’ve got some really big plans for the next few months. To start with, I’m taking pre-orders for our first ever collection that’s made entirely from my own custom-designed tweeds. You’ll start seeing our bags in certain shops and boutiques too, and I’ve got some fantastic plans for new bags and designs.

If you want to be among the first to find out about what we’re up to, you can:

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