About Emma

It all started three years ago when my handbag was on its last legs.

I’d used it for years and I knew I’d never be able to replace it. When I visited one of the Scottish tweed mills in the Tweed valley where I’d grown up, I had an idea that I should make my own bag.

I couldn’t sew and I didn’t know anything about bagmaking, but I’m never one to let the details get in the way of a good plan. I bought myself a tiny little sewing machine and started watching videos about how to sew on YouTube. And then I started writing about my journey on my blog.

Eventually my bags were good enough that I could give one to my friend Kirsty for her birthday: and so the Kirsty bag was born. People kept on asking about them, and so I started making a few more – and then took them to a few Christmas markets that year to sell them.

Demand picked up, and I made our first 300 bags myself in the spare bedroom at home.

Emma with early Fairweather, Kirsty and washbag tweed bags.

Emma with some early versions of the Fairweather and Kirsty bags, and a washbag.

Then and now

Fast forward a couple of years and now things look very different. I’ve designed a whole range of different bags, and we’ve started working with some wonderful UK manufacturers to make them. This year we’ve finally started making them from our own custom-designed tweeds, started by our successful Kickstarter campaign this summer.

We’ve had coverage in the national press. My husband Pete has joined the business full-time. I’ve won different business awards. We’ve even been featured in a national TV campaign!

It’s been a wild couple of years, and it’s been great to have support from so many people. All I’ll say is that I’ve got some big plans for the next year, and it’ll be great to have you on board.

Emma Cornes signature

Emma, Pete and Dug the Glen of Imaal terrier

Emma, Pete and Dug the Glen of Imaal terrier


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