Glen Etive tweed

Glen Etive tweed

Glen Etive

The Scottish highlands can absolutely blaze with colour: the greens and browns of the hillsides, a scattering of vibrant wildflowers and crisp blue skies.

Look around and you’ll see granite everywhere. Hard and smooth, the valley’s stone is a distinctive pink colour.

Granite is the reason that you’re likely to run into both climbers and canoeists in the glen: it forms challenging climbing routes up smooth slabs as well as smooth, clean waterfalls for paddlers to throw themselves down.

You may well recognise the view from the James Bond movie Skyfall, with Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench discussing their plans by Bond’s classic silver Aston Martin.

Our cloth

Glen Etive tweed from Emma Cornes

Just like the highland valley’s sloping hillsides, our Glen Etive tweed has a twilled base of greens, browns and khakis that give it a real depth of colour.

It’s a perfect foil to the bright blues and granite pinks of the overcheck.


The view from Glen Coe towards Glen Etive

  • The glen’s distinctive shape was formed millions of years ago when the hard granite was scoured by a long-gone glacier.
  • The River Etive is one of Scotland’s most popular and challenging white water kayaking runs.
  • Glen Etive has been used as the backdrop to many movies, among them Braveheart and Skyfall.

Bags in Glen Etive tweed


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