Llanddwyn tweed

Llanddwyn tweed

Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey: the inspiration for Llanddwyn tweed

Llanddwyn Island packs so much into a tiny area: lighthouses, rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, dunes, ponies and more.

It’s a mile’s walk along Newborough Beach on Anglesey, North Wales. You need to get your timing right: if you don’t the little island is cut off by the tide.

Start exploring and you’ll find all sorts. There are quaint cottages which used to house pilots who would take ships through the dangerous Menai Strait. There are two different lighthouses. A ruined chapel. So many stories to discover.

Our cloth

Llanddwyn tweed from Emma Cornes

The blues of the sea and the sky. The yellow-green of the grass on the dunes. And the white of the lighthouse.

Llanddwyn Island is at its best just before dusk, and those are the colours that captivated Emma.


Llanddwyn Island lighthouse

  • The island has two lighthouses: the smaller Tŵr Bach and it’s replacement, the windmill-shaped Tŵr Mawr.
  • Our Llanddwyn Tweed was our first custom weave, made possible by our wonderful customers on Kickstarter. We promised we’d never weave another roll, and we won’t.
  • Llanddwyn Island and Newborough are home to the very rare Northern Marsh Orchid, which flowers in June and July.

Bags in Llanddwyn tweed

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