Snowdonia tweed

Snowdonia tweed

Snowdonia tweed

The deep, cool lakes of the Welsh mountains seem to change colour the longer you look at them.

Snowdonia is more than just Wales’ tallest mountain. It’s actually an 823 square mile area that’s home of the country’s highest summits, deepest lakes and wildest waterfalls.

Snowdon is the mountain and the most famous of the area’s landmarks. It’s the tallest peak in Wales and has a railway running to its summit.

There’s plenty more to explore in the National Park, though, from wild woodlands in the foothills to long, sandy beaches on the coast.

Our cloth

Snowdonia tweed from Emma Cornes

Our Snowdonia tweed is a navy shepherd’s check with three different shades of blue to give it the same depth of colour as Snowdonia’s lakes.

We’ve added a subtle teal and purple overcheck as a discreet detail.


The Snowdon horseshoe from Capel Curig

  • The first successful Everest expedition trained in Snowdonia for the trip that put Hillary and Tenzing on the summit.
  • Snowdon is Wales’ tallest mountain, with the Snowdon Mountain Railway running to the summit.
  • Snowdonia became Wales’ first national park when it was established in 1951.

Bags in Snowdonia tweed

Snowdonia tweed Nicola bag

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